Feature Photography

We specialise in high quality feature photography which gives viewers an unforgettable, visual appeal for your business. In most instances, we use high dynamic range (HDR) techniques to bring out vibrant colour and high definition in contrasting light situations. Our services include hotel and food photography, real estate photography, product photography, event photography, commercial photography and panoramic photography.

Select a category to see the gallery albums below. We hope you enjoy!

The Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

The Burj Al Arab Hotel is rated as the most luxurious hotel in the world. We had the opportunity to take photographs and create virtual tours through some of the most exclusive areas of the hotel, including the Royal Suite.

Tasmanian Accommodation

Pumphouse Point and Nant Hotel (Macquarie Manor) and hadley’s Orient Hotel are boutique hotels in Tasmania. Bellerive Marina View Apartments are premium quality holiday accommodation in Tasmania. See a selection of feature photographs for each property.

Tasmanian Landscape

Tasmania has some extraordinary wilderness and scenic beauty. What better way to capture these than with panoramic photographs. See a selection of some of Tasmania’s picturesque scenery and well known landmarks around Hobart.

International Landscape

A selection of iconic tourism landmarks and breathtaking scenes from around the world.


We capture buildings inside and out for the most appealing view. See a selection of some iconic international buildings and some local examples.

Product Photography

We take feature photographs of products which are carefully selected and edited, giving a much more appealing view than stock photographs. Selection of photographs from Hobart businesses including Martin’s Eyewear, Fragments Restoration Shop, Modern Musician, Magnolia Flowers and the Running Edge.

Food Photography

Seeing good quality food photography should make you hungry! For a restaurant or cafe owner, this is an essential ingredient of attracting customers. Selection of photographs from Hobart restaurants and eateries including Rockwall Bar & Grill, St. Albi’s, Bruny Island Premium Wines, Royal Botanical Gardens Restaurant and Sweets and Treats

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